Blahtech Limited


Over the last few weeks we have been working on a major update to our new MT5 version of Blahtech Market Profile. We will be collaborating with AMP Futures, one of the largest USA futures brokers to include Blahtech Market Profile on their brand new MT5 platform that uses a futures liquidity providers, enabling traders to trade futures contracts without the extortionate overnight margin requirements. AMP also have one of the lowest commission charges on the market.

If you wish to open an account with AMP Futures please visit this page:

AMP Futures

We are finally ready to release our Market Profile indicator for MT4. Features include:

- Multiple sessions selection
- Backtesting mode directly on the chart
- Custom session times
- Graphic overlay on the chart
- Current developing TPO letters
- Value area
- Point of control
- Initial Balance

Click on Bob, the Ambush Predator to visit the Blahtech Market Profile page for more details: