Market Stalkers is an educational part of Blahtech. They offer an array of statistically proven professional trading strategies both on Udemy and on their own course platform.

Market Stalkers Method is a proprietary methodology utilising the following trading concepts:

  • Supply/Demand analysis on higher timeframes
  • Q Points©
  • Market Profile and Average Ranges
  • Pure Price Action combined with Daytrading Timezones©

While other courses vastly underplay what is necessary to develop an organised trading mind and a statistically viable strategy that offers low risk and higher reward opportunities on most days, Market Stalkers courses offer a highly structured educational content on these techniques. They also offer very practical solutions to common trader psychology problems by using high achievers physiological 'bio-hacks' to keep the fight/flight response at bay.

Market Stalkers approach is flexible enough to offer strategies for long term investments, swing trading or short term daytrading.

It is not just a 'system' but rather an entire methodology that teaches real skills of reading the market as a professional, eventually developing skills to read the market in a systematic, repeatable way.

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