Blahtech Indicators are all sold through the MQL5 Marketplace (Metaquotes is the company behind Metatrader - the Marketplace is their App Store for indicators).

Downloading demos/renting/purchasing the indicators is best done from within MetaTrader Platform. Please follow the installation guide below to obtain a real futures contracts via MT5 demo from AMP Trading.

Clicking on images will bring up a full-size image.

Step 1. Click here to download the Windows version of AMP Futures Metatrader 5 platform
We advise using Windows MT5. If you wish to use Mac OS, please click here

Step 2. Once the exe file is installed, run the platform then go to File > Open an Account
IMPORTANT: For futures, you must choose server AMPGlobalUSA-Demo

Step 3. Login to your community account. If you don't have one yet, you will have to create it first. If you already have an account, skip to Step 5.

Step 4. Click on "Community" Tab and click on "if you don't have an account, please register". Once you've created your account, you will receive your password in your email inbox. You can now log in.

Step 5. Log into your community account

Step 6. Make sure the Toolbox area of the MT5 Terminal is opened (CTRL-T opens/closes the Toolbox)

Step 7. Click on the 'Market' tab in the Terminal area (see image below). Alternatively the MQL Marketplace can also be found in the main Navigator Menu under Tools > MQL5 Market

Step 8. Clicking on the Market tab will bring up a full size window with all sorts of indicators on the marketplace, another navigation menu and a Search Box in the top right corner of the Marketplace window:

Step 9. In the Search Box, type in 'Blahtech'. All our available Metatrader 5 indicators will appear in the search results

Step 10. Choose your desired indicator by clicking on it. You will be presented with the indicator landing page. Underneath the indicator title, you will see the options to
Buy | Download Demo | Rent for a certain period

If you're buying/renting the indicators you will be given a number of payment options including using your existing MQL5 wallet balance, Visa (incl Mastercard) or Paypal.
If you've downloaded a demo, the indicator will be automatically downloaded and placed in the Navigator (CTRL-N) area folder called 'Market' - see next step).

Step 11. If you've purchased/rented the indicator for the first time ever, without trying the demo, the indicator will need to be installed by clicking on 'Install' button on the indicator landing page OR on in the 'Purchased' area - see next two images:

Indicator main page 'Install' button

'Purchased' area from the Main 'Market' Navigation menu

However, if you've previously downloaded a DEMO* and then proceeded to rent/purchase, the indicator will be automatically downloaded and placed in a new sub-folder entitled 'Market' in the Navigator area (pressing CTRL-N will open/close Navigator):

*Please keep in mind that you can demo the indicators ONLY in the backtest mode in the Strategy Tester (press CTRL-R)

Step 12. You can now close the 'Market' area by right-clicking on the chart's own sub-navigation menu (where the names of the open charts products are - see picture below):

Final Step:
Go into the Navigator folder named 'Market' where your product is now installed. Left-click and drag the indicator onto the desired chart - Done.



The indicators come with 6 licenses and include all future updates free of charge.
The six licenses can be used on 6 DIFFERENT machines. If you're only using the indicator on ONE machine, it can be used on an infinite number of Metatrader 5 platforms and instances. As many as your CPU/RAM will allow.

If you wish to setup the entire Blahtech ecosystem of indicators the way Deeyana Angelo adjusts/stacks them, please watch the video below. For designated Timestamps, open the video in Youtube directly and click on 'Show More' below the video in the description box.